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Fluoride no thanks

Dear Editor:Hats off to Lisa [Bolerjack] for the letter in Saturdays paper regarding Aspen dumping this stuff into our water supply! I have been in the water treatment business for over 18 years. I would love to shed additional light on this topic before we allow it to be swept under the rug AGAIN! And thats whats happening with many of our health and environmental issues with water. Fluoride is no exception to the several examples I can think of, as arsenic, lead and copper. Yes, it does occur naturally in water in some areas of the country. It is aluminum oxide when it is mined, it is used in manufacture of rat poison and has also been linked to illnesses, one of which is Alzheimers disease. For those of us old enough, we remember (maybe) the talk about not using cookware made from aluminum several years ago for the same reasons. Well, when fluoride in levels above a couple of parts per million is found in drinking water, it can cause dental fluorosis; its actually a browning of the teeth and gums. The main purpose was to prevent tooth decay decades ago for us now Baby Boomers. You can get fluoride tablets if youd like to protect your childrens teeth from your dentist. I dont want you to put it in my and everyone elses drinking water supply Im 59 years old and have good teeth because I brush, floss and see my dentist regularly! So we have people in protective suits to mix up this magic concoction, along with the chlorine gas to make sure nothing grows in our water. The same way we have been doing this for the last 100-plus years. People buy bottled water, drag it home from the store, and then we dispose of billions of bottles a year in the landfills! Get a grip people! We have reverse-osmosis purification systems today that will remove 97 percent or better of the fluoride in the municipal water supplies. It supplies better-than-bottled-water quality in most cases. Now, people have been sold a lie by the bottled water companies and others that R/O (as reverse osmosis is called in the trade) waste water. They put water down the drain in order to produce high-quality drinking water. The water isnt wasted; it goes into the system, goes down the drain and downstream, and is treated and used over again. If you think that the water you are drinking hasnt been around for awhile, you probably should think again. These are the very types of systems that can turn sea water into drinking water. The very systems that all the major soda companies use to make sure their products taste the same, whether they are bottled in Denver or New York. Bill Eckardwater systems manager, Bishop Plumbing, Heating, Air & WaterAspen

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