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Fluoride needed in water? Bunkum!

Dear Editor:

An M.D. such as William Glenn should have the words “do no harm” tattooed on his forehead. Fluoride in tap water is a compulsory medicine that causes physiological change. Although its concentration in the water can be controlled to within ±0.2 mg per liter, the dose cannot.

Many people who need to drink more than one liter of water per day will ingest more fluoride than is good for them, and it’s a bio-accumulative poison. It can be drunk, eaten, absorbed and inhaled. (If the glass windows in the water-treatment plant are etched, fugitive emissions must be injuring water engineers’ lungs.) The aggregate of fluoride intake is often more than the WHO maximum guideline of 1.5 mg per liter. Three cups of tea each day, daily hot baths and tap water will bring the level up to 1.5 mg per liter or equivalent.

The halogen theory states that the halogens with the lower atomic masses displace those with the higher atomic masses. Thus fluorine/fluoride displaces iodine. Iodine is essential for thyroid health. If the diet is low in iodine and the iodine is displaced by fluoride, the body starts to malfunction. Perhaps Dr. Glenn has had a few hypothyroid patients in his surgery. But I’ll bet he hasn’t recommended abstinence from fluoride.

An M.D. would never encourage a patient taking an unspecified medicinal dose and would always consider the age, sex, body weight and kidney health of the patient when prescribing. The U.S. National Kidney Foundation has recently issued a position statement on fluoride: http://www.kidney.org/atoz/pdf/Fluoride_Intake_in_CKD.pdf. It’s recommended reading for all M.D.s.

A recent North American longitudinal study has concluded that pregnant women should take Vitamin D so that their babies’ teeth are strengthened. Fluoride has no place in a tiny baby’s body.

Joyanne Warren

Coventry, UK

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