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Fluoride free and feeling great

Dear Editor:

After reading my letter, “What part of mass medication do we not understand?” a friend called and said, “What did you mean by that? That doesn’t make any sense.” (“Hard to swallow?” letters, July 23, 2011, The Aspen Times)

While yes, I was suffering from a premature “send” situation, that question really answers itself. To mass medicate – to add fluoride to the public drinking water because it may or may not prevent tooth decay – is absurd. There is nothing ethically or scientifically sound in doing so. It doesn’t make sense.

Fluoridation of drinking water began over 50 years ago without public input and no research on what the cumulative (long-term) effects may or may not be. For whatever reason, at the same time the door was closed on any further scientific discussion (at least in the United States). That doesn’t make sense. There are numerous scientific studies that show the adverse effects of fluoride on our bodies, affecting our thyroid and pineal glands and the skeletal system.

Fluoride is on the EPA’s list of developmental neurotoxicants. Does that make sense? I found most of this information simply because I was trying to find a way to feel better. I’m off the fluoride, and there is a vast improvement in the way I feel! You see, fluoride is a thyroid inhibitor, and I have to take thyroid meds everyday, so I’m told, to stay alive. The instructions say to take with a full glass of water. Does that make sense?

Jennifer Clark


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