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Flip-flops in the White House

Dear Editor:Every now and then the God’s smile on us. A recent example is having a girls champion sports team go to the White House wearing designer flip-flops. Shocking! What is this world coming to? Unfortunately, less noticed is the big flip-flop by George Bush over the outing by his officials of a covert CIA agent. Chances are that one or more top White House officials have committed a felony crime by undermining national security. This could get really nasty if we find out that either Cheney or Bush had given approval, or had knowledge before hand.Bush has flip-flopped because he said at the beginning of this incident that anyone “involved” would be fired, as they should. Now he says: no, only someone found to have committed a crime would be fired. Big, big difference. Can you remember all the people at the Republican convention waving flip-flops to disparage John Kerry? Hey, you patriotic Republicans, get them back out, we need you.The president has said he wanted to know who had leaked that CIA agent’s identity. I think he already knew. In any case, they could have uncovered that information in a day. It’s now been over two years and all we have is an “ongoing investigation,” about which nobody in the White House now wants to comment. Gee, why not?Flip-flop!Patrick HunterCarbondale

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