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Flip answers ruin online polls

Dear Editor:

While the weekly online polls in your newspaper could serve a real community purpose, I am continually frustrated by the bias shown in the answer choices. In an apparent effort to be cute, the editorializing that accompanies each choice renders the poll ineffective. Every single week I start to vote based on the first half of the sentence and then decline because the editorial comment invalidates how I feel.

Serious issues are trivialized, and I’m not sure why. This week the target is Lift One (or 1-A) access. The choices are so flip as to completely disrespect the time and effort being dedicated to this dilemma by a group of citizens who are committing significant time to study the issues and make a decision based on all of the opportunities and constraints. The COWOP team has put in a total of 1,296 hours ” so far ” trying to make a conscientious decision that will serve our community well. It has been a tough process, and the end product will be full of compromise for the common good.

I urge you to direct your journalistic efforts toward full reportage of our discoveries instead of polarizing the uninformed with emotional choices that show no appreciation for of the intensity of the issues at hand.

Georgia Hanson