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Flight plight

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last week regarding the major airlines being in financial trouble. United Airlines’ reservations were off 13.5 percent in May.

It’s no wonder as, not only are their fares ridiculously high, but their rules are totally inflexible.

My wife made a reservation to fly from Aspen to Kansas City for a family reunion. She made it well in advance and the round-trip fare was $347.

Something came up and she had to drive to Denver on business so she wanted to skip the Aspen-Denver portion and fly directly to Kansas City.

United said fine but she would need a new ticket and the fare would be over $1,000. That’s $1,000 to fly on the same flight she already had a reservation on.

We have a good travel agent, Lyon Travel in Kansas City, and when my wife talked to them they advised her to cancel the United flight and get a ticket on Vanguard. The round trip from Denver to Kansas City was $178. In addition to their surly service, United has problems with their pricing.

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