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Flexible and True

Dear Editor:If you want a measured and reasonable compromise to the Entrance to Aspen issue, then I urge you to vote for Jim True. Jim is thoughtful and will listen to many opinions, and most important, is flexible enough to moderate the community toward a solution we can live with. In his two previous terms as a county commissioner, Jim gained experience working with the Colorado Department of Transportation on Highway 82 through Snowmass Canyon, and getting CDOT to build what the community wanted, not what CDOT wanted.Rachel Richards, on the other hand, hasn’t changed her plans in more than a decade. She wants to build a straight shot across the Marolt open space with two lanes for cars and two lanes for buses, and there’s still that tunnel that is part of the Record of Decision. If you are dreaming of the end of traffic congestion, Rachel’s pro-growth position is not going to make your life any easier.Cliff WeissAspen

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