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Fletcher is an asset

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Music Festival and School is one of Aspen’s greatest assets. We support Alan Fletcher, its president and CEO, and encourage the organization to heal its wounds and bring back the greatness that we’ve all come to expect – and not just on the stage. Over the years we’ve both had experience working on nonprofit boards and in corporations. Effecting necessary organizational changes is always a challenge, especially with entrenched constituent groups and employees and staff with long tenures.

That said, great organizations have an uncanny ability to set aside personal feelings and priorities and rise to the occasion when difficult decisions need to be implemented. We trust that the AMFS board of directors did the proper planning and due diligence prior to deciding that the season should be shortened, the student body reduced and a small cut in faculty was necessary. Yes, these are difficult economic times and the changes are tough to swallow, but apparently justified. The decision was made to implement these changes by the board of directors and should be honored.

Pete worked with Alan on the city of Aspen’s Citizens Budget Task Force for three months in 2008, and specifically on a subcommittee focused on the community’s workforce housing program. Alan was insightful, deliberate, always prepared and showed outstanding leadership qualities. His ideas, advice and counsel were almost always exceptional. Most importantly, Alan takes the high road when dealing with difficult issues. He’s a man AMFS administration has confidence in, and he hasn’t shied away from the tough task of implementing some necessary, but unpopular changes at AMFS.

We ask the AMFS corporation body to use its meeting on Thursday to reconcile its differences, resolve to implement the necessary changes in the schedule, student body and faculty, and support Alan and the other members of management who are working hard to maintain the world-class stature of the Aspen Music Festival and School. Please, don’t shoot the messenger.

Sam and Pete Louras


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