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Flattered by new ‘Landlord from Hell’ title

Dear Editor:

Ruth Harrison, because I criticized the Ski Corp for being unfair to smaller businesses in Aspen, you called me a landlord from hell (“The pot calling the kettle black,” letters, Feb. 18, The Aspen Times)

Thank you! I never realized I was a landlord from hell. I have been a builder and landlord for over 45 years. I have never had a problem with any sub-contractor or supplier, nor have I ever had a court dispute or any serious dispute with any tenant in over 45 years.

I have, however, helped many struggling business owners by paying their real estate tax and expenses many times.

Thank you so much for letting me know that I am a landlord from hell. Is that sort of like a Superman or Captain Marvel? Here I am, an old guy at 78 years of age and finally I’m somebody, a landlord from hell! I’m thinking of having a seamstress do a uniform for me. Now when I try to have the Crown family deal fairly with small hotel owners and business people, they will know they are dealing with Thomas Daly, the Landlord from Hell.

Thomas Daly

Aspen and hell

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