Fixing our school |

Fixing our school

Dear Editor:

When I started school this year I was surprised to find that we didn’t have textbooks in many classrooms. I was also surprised to see so many students in a classroom with me because I had become accustomed to the small class sizes usually found here in Basalt High School. I was intrigued to know why this changes were occurring, and the results that I found were nothing less than startling.

I know now that there is a shortage of teachers, textbooks and supplies because of the drastic budget cuts that have been happening in our school district (RE-1). As a student in Basalt High School I have felt the full effect of these cuts, and feel that my education is being affected in a negative way. As a part of our Fundamentals of American Democracy class we were asked to research a topic that is important to us. Since the issue of school budget cuts hits close to home this was the topic that got my attention the most.

In previous years, in order to decrease the budget, the district has cut funding for full-time employees, which has influence on how many teachers each building has. Funding for classroom supplies, textbooks and support material has almost disappeared completely. This has made teaching and learning more difficult and less interesting.

Instead of depleting the funding for educational purposes, I propose that the budget instead be shifted to a policy where school bus transportation is no longer the financial responsibility of the school district. This means that if a student needs transportation to school, his or her family would be required to pay a nominal fee. The money that families would contribute would cover the cost of gas, maintenance and bus drivers’ salaries.

The money that could be saved by implementing this policy would alleviate budget cuts from other departments. I feel that if more money could be distributed to academic and support material for students our school, as a whole, would be more successful. I think that this policy would be a minute fee for families and would contribute to making Basalt High School a more positive educational experience.

Adriana Monroy

student, Basalt High School

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