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Editor’s note: The following letter was originally sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Dear Editor:

Enclosed are copies of letters to your pal Dwayne Romero and the president and CEO of Progressive (car) Insurance, Glen Renwick. The Renwick letter is more detailed but the letter to Dwayne Romero touches on the subject of this letter.

A few years ago the people of Colorado voted against charging people for their car insurance by their credit ratings. If someone had no debts, one credit card, a paid mortgage, etc., that person was charged more than someone else probably living beyond his means.

As a result of my recent experience with Progressive Insurance I suspect that people who drive their cars only part of the year and put the car up on blocks, so to speak, for winter or while abroad, etc., are expected to pay full car insurance rather than being offered the option of bridging the gap with fire and theft insurance only, while the car is not in use.

Progressive seems to think themselves the enforcers of Colorado law when it suits them financially and then on the other hand not offering fire and theft insurance to insurers, succeeding in literally ripping off customers of a few months of extra fees under threat of being turned over to collection agencies, etc. If this is the law it is unjust and should be changed like the above-mentioned law was changed. If it is only Progressive Insurance pulling this scam then someone should look into it. Rip off 10,000 little guys for small amounts and that adds up.

I thought maybe the whiz kids eating pizza together in the governor’s mansion, chewing the fat and/or trouble-shooting in general (sounds like a frat) could mull this issue over in their spare time.

This independent voter would be very impressed by that.

Patricia Milligan


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