Fix the process first |

Fix the process first

Dear Editor:A recent Aspen Times editorial bemoaned the fact that the Roaring Fork Club expansion was more than two years in process when the application should have been stopped at the beginning for noncompliance with Basalt’s Master Plan (“Basalt can’t repeat golf club debacle,” Nov. 17). I couldn’t agree more. The important lesson to learn from this is that the process needs fixing before other developers experience the same thing. Basalt’s approval process takes far too long.If an application does not conform to the Master Plan, then it needs to be stopped in the Planning office or at the first P&Z meeting. In the case of the RFC, it was totally out of compliance with the Master Plan. At the public hearing for the application, the RFC’s attorney kept reading sections of the Master Plan and stating that the club expansion was in compliance. I assume that he thought by stating and repeating that, it would be believed.But their plan was riddled with violations. Being outside of the urban growth boundary was only the most obvious one. To me the most egregious violation was the proposal of a gated community that segregated different economic groups.Gerry TerwilligerBasalt

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