Fix the entrance now |

Fix the entrance now

After reading Mr. Evans’ letter I had to agree, only because having voted in both of those elections I, too, had hoped that the results (both times) would then move the Aspen entrance in the proper direction.

Watching from east side (Denver), reading, watching and listening (I still travel back to Aspen every couple of weeks), I’ve kept hoping that some resolution would finally be instituted ? however, I guess not.

Like a lot of other things that happen or don’t happen in this town, those in power, the ego ridden, i.e., the Skico, the planning department, the council, for instance, really don’t want changes, as it would upset the private world that they live in. Change is not good when you don’t have a hand in it and it doesn’t go your way.

I guess the fact is that one of these days someone is going to wake up and realize that all the roads are complete, the signals are in, the volume of daily drivers hasn’t changed, but something still isn’t right.

Why is everyone still upset, why are there still long lines both in and out of town, why is the commute still not better than it could be? Is it not because the entrance issue wasn’t resolved to coincide to keep up with everything else?

Now is the time folks. Four lanes is and will always be the answer; how you configure it will be up to you. Don’t keep waiting for the next regime to figure it out, because their agenda might be even more different than the current one’s.

Bill Cocreham


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