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Fix that roof

Dear Editor:

We are a very fortunate couple who live in Mexico and have the opportunity to visit Aspen for a few months a year, always in the offseason. Every spring we are among the first hikers and then mountain bikers to push on through the spring snow melt and try and find as much altitude as possible on the beautiful road to the Maroon Bells Wilderness area. For the last two springs I have noticed that the roof of the welcome center/pay station is in dire need of repair. The heavy tile that was installed to protect the structure has become its worst enemy. I am no builder but these heavy tiles look as though they were hastily installed. One nail holds the side tiles in place. One nail. Many of which have broken under the tremendous snow loads over the past few winters. These tiles have obviously crashed down on the lower tiles smashing them to pieces, leaving gapping holes in the roof letting, undoubtedly, much moisture into the structure of this beautiful, and I would bet, expensive welcome center.

I am wondering who is in charge of making such a simple, common sense call on fixing this roof? Is it the people in charge at the Aspen Ranger station, who have had to know that the building is in need of a roof repair? Will it take a big tile in the side of somebody’s head to get their attention? Or maybe the first car that pulls up on opening day that takes one through the windshield? Someone better step up and do their job or the tax payers of Aspen will be getting stuck (even if indirectly) with a bill that could have totally been avoided and it could be worse than that. But hey, maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe we can take that welcome center off your hands and take it back to Mexico where it would be a very cool beach shack to serve fresh fish tacos from. We promise to replace those tiles with brand new ones immediately and love that little building for the next hundred years.

Peter Gabbarino

San Miguel de Allende


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