Five is better than three |

Five is better than three

Dear Editor:Please Vote Yes on question 1B, Adoption of the Home Rule Charter. Why?Quite simply: Last November, 11 citizens were elected by Eagle County voters to a commission and were tasked with writing a Home Rule Charter. These citizens have worked extremely hard! Let’s complete the process and adopt the Home Rule Charter. Did you realize that although the voters in the Basalt/El Jebel area represent one-fifth of the county’s population, there has been no elected county commissioner from our region in 24 years? This is partly because 80 percent of the voters in Eagle County live in the Eagle Valley, and the remaining 20 percent of us live here! The Home Rule Charter proposes five commissioners, one of whom would reside in the Basalt/El Jebel District. Five commissioners would be more effective than three in offering more opportunity for citizen input, presenting a wider variety of views and sharing in the increased workload. Five commissioners, one of whom would reside in the Basalt/El Jebel District, would give us the best possible representation for our open space, water and land use.For more information on the Home Rule Charter, please visit the website at: http://www.eaglehomerule.orgAdopt the Home Rule Charter! Please Vote YES on Question 1B.Sue MozianBasalt

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