Fitness equipment works out at ARC |

Fitness equipment works out at ARC

Janet Urquhart
Aspen Times Staff Writer

New fitness equipment at the Aspen Recreation Center is working out, according to Tim Anderson, the city’s recreation director.

The city hoped to entice more local residents into joining the ARC as pass holders when it spent more than $68,000 to add weight resistance and aerobic equipment at the recreation center. So far, so good, Anderson reported on Friday.

“We’re seeing the young singles in town that we weren’t seeing in this facility,” he said. “Exactly what we thought was going to happen is happening.”

The equipment was installed two weeks ago, but has really only been in use for a week. A dozen or so people have been making regular use of it in the mornings before work or late in the day, after work, according to Anderson.

He guessed perhaps 30 to 50 new pass holders are checking out the ARC. Many have purchased a monthly pass while they give the facility a try, Anderson said.

The City Council agreed late last year to purchase the equipment with the hopes of generating an additional $100,000 a year in daily fees and pass sales by ARC users. The lack of fitness equipment had been the No. 1 complaint among area residents who opted not to buy an ARC pass, according to Anderson.

The ARC, which opened last spring at Iselin Park, includes two swimming pools, an ice rink, climbing tower and the new Aspen Youth Center.

The center now boasts about 15 pieces of weight-resistance equipment, plus a large, universal-style machine, in a lower-level room. Aerobic equipment, including stationary bikes, treadmills and such, are available in a room on the top floor at the center.

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