Fit for fitness

Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago, The Aspen Club had the privilege of hosting nine participants in our Younger Next Year Jumpstart Week. The week-long immersion into health and fitness was created with the influence of the best selling Younger Next Year, which is a guide to living like your 50 well into your 80s. The author, Chris Crowley, joined us for this fantastic week, where participants were exposed to first-class levels of fitness expertise, the newest work out regimes, and nutrition and eating advice that will surely change their lives.

Here in Aspen, it is no secret that exercise is important in living a long, vivacious life. We have an adult’s playground in our backyard and taking advantage of it on a daily basis isn’t too difficult for most of us. Spending time with these participants that week, many of whom are from all parts of the country, I realized how something many of us incorporate into our daily lives might not be as easy for others. Through some of the lectures we were able to give, I was even surprised at the amount of information out there supporting exercise as a key to not only living to be 80-plus, but living a healthy, good life well over 80.

We have begun to focus on bringing the “new” into the club this off season to keep exercise fresh and rewarding. Whether it is the best new class-TRX, the upcoming internally developed Rip-CoreFX group training or even a program like our Younger Next Year week, we are always working at being in the forefront of health and wellness.

We hope that our members will take the skills they learn through us and apply it to everything the mountains and more importantly, Aspen, has to offer.

Michael Fox