Fit as a fiddle

Dear Editor:

On July 14, while running down Smuggler Road from the observation deck I tripped and fell. Four very nice and concerned ladies rushed to offer me assistance. I assured them I was all right and continued running down the road. I then noticed I’d severely injured the little finger of my left hand.

Since I make my living with my hands I feared the worst and became terribly upset and distraught over how this would affect my future. From the moment I arrived in the Emergency Room at Aspen Valley Hospital the staff on duty was incredibly wonderful in calming me down and reassured me that my badly dislocated finger was going to be all right.

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dr. Bud Glissman and the kind and caring team that assisted him – Cre, Stuart, Dan, Jim, Judy, Miles, Taylor and anyone else whose name I might have forgotten.

Our community is so blessed to have these wonderfully talented and caring professional personnel in our midst.

By the way, I was back at work that evening and continue to improve with each passing day.

Again, thank you all so very much.

John Sommers



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