Fishing report: Snow doesn’t mean it’s over |

Fishing report: Snow doesn’t mean it’s over

Kirk Webb
Special to The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

Don’t put away your fly rod and reel yet. I know that with the recent snow, most people are preoccupied, daydreaming about the upcoming ski season and dusting off their gear from last year, but there’s still some very good fishing to be had.

The brown trout and whitefish are actively spawning on all local rivers. While we don’t promote fishing to actively spawning fish, there’s no denying the fact that the non-spawning fish key in and feed voraciously on the eggs that litter the river bottom. Focus on fishing smaller egg patterns (size 18) on smaller waters like the upper Roaring Fork and the Fryingpan. On the larger rivers like the Colorado and the lower Roaring Fork, we fish larger (size 14) egg patterns. Traditional yarn egg patterns like the Flashtail Hot Egg or new-school beaded eggs (peg-eggs) are both great flies to fish at this time of year.

During the fall, we can often have our most successful days on the water with an obscene amount of fish being hooked and landed. You don’t need to over-think fly selection nearly as much as you would during the summer. It’s all about eggs, blue wing olives and midges. This is true on all valley waters and will continue to be this way throughout the winter.

Additionally, limit your efforts to the deep pools and seams. The vast majority of the fish will congregate in these key areas. Lighter fluorocarbon tippets of 5x, 6x, and 7x will be standard, given the small size of flies being fished. The strikes are often more subtle at this time of year, so set your hook on the slightest of hesitations. Using a softer action rod will also help cushion the fish more when being played on light tippets and smaller flies, thus enabling you to land more fish, more frequently.

The hot flies for this week include the following: flashtail hot eggs, pheasant tails, sparklewing RS-2s, tungsten hoovers, medallion midges, black beauty emergers, Frying Pan emergers, parachute quill BWOs, beadhead polywings, zebra midges and top secret midges.

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