FIS is to blame |

FIS is to blame

Dear Editor:Martin Basvik writes in complaining about Aspen and Vail not kicking down enough money to host World Cup events that were canceled at the last minute due to poor conditions in Europe (Letters to the editor, Dec. 6). Pull your head out, Martin, take a deep breath of fresh air, and try to grab hold of the concept of reality.These were emergency attempts to try to raise money in less than five days at a time when budgets have already been allocated for the year. That is the reality, Martin. Your fantasy of grateful patrons jumping at the chance to bail out the FIS is just that. It never had a chance, just like the events scheduled for Europe themselves.If the FIS would schedule a true World Cup instead of a Euro Cup, these early season events would likely have been scheduled for North America in the first place where the snow is better year after year. If you’re looking to place some blame, place it squarely on the schedule-makers at the FIS!Mike TreckerAspen

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