Second round of Pitkin County election results are in |

Second round of Pitkin County election results are in

A man drops off his ballot at the Jewish Community Center in Aspen Tuesday.
Anna Stonehouse/The Aspen Times

The Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder has released two rounds of election results. A third and final round for the night is expected after midnight.

The Pitkin County Election Office reported that it expects to count more than 10,000 ballots by the end of the night. There are 15,232 registered voters in the county.

The county’s latest election tallies accounted for 9,573 of the ballots cast.


Hillary Clinton: 6,574
Donald Trump: 2,209
Gary Johnson: 330
Jill Stein: 151

3rd Congressional District:
Gail Schwartz: 6,725
Scott Tipton: 2,363

County Commissioner:
Greg Poschman: 5,189
Scott Writer: 3,028

9th Judicial District Attorney:
Sherry Coloia: 4,060
Chip McCrory: 2,387
Jeff Cheney: 2,118

1A, Pitkin County Open Space (1A)
Yes: 6,076
No: 2,632

Aspen School District
2D, Aspen sales tax:
Yes: 2,844
No: 951

2A, Snowmass property tax:
Yes: 732
No: 550

2E, Wheeler RETT tax (Aspen):
Yes: 2,503
No: 1,258

2B, Broadband (Aspen):
Yes: 3,327
No: 347

2C, Charter amendment (Aspen community development director/police chief)
Yes: 1,795
No: 1,645

Snowmass mayor:
Markey Butler: 968
Richard Goodwin: 233

Snowmass council:
Tom Goode: 778
Alyssa Shenk: 793
Jamie Knowlton: 576



**The following unofficial results are as of 11:45 p.m. Tuesday

Purchase of the Pan & Fork (Basalt):

2F (Pitkin and Eagle):
Yes: 810
No: 875

Basalt River Park


2G (Pitkin and Eagle)
Yes: 761
No: 918

Basalt Open Space


2H (Pitkin and Eagle)
Yes: 1,333
No: 289

Basalt broadband


2I Total:
Yes: 1,461
No: 184

Basalt Library


4A (Pitkin and Eagle)
Yes: 2,836
No: 1,797