Firm sues hospital exec |

Firm sues hospital exec

Aspen Times Staff

John Jellinek, as Aspen businessman and member of the Aspen Valley Hospital board of directors, is the target of a lawsuit in a dispute over co-ownership of a Lear Jet.Jellinek is a part owner of a 1981 Lear Jet Model 35A as a member of Roaring Fork LLC, a company that exists to share the jet. One of the partners in the jet ownership, Lion Aviation, a limited liability corporation James L. Edelstein manages, wanted out of the ownership agreement and filed the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, filed in district court Wednesday, Jellinek had to buy out Edelstein’s company if requested to. The lawsuit claims that as a managing member of Roaring Fork LLC, Edelstein had requested to see fiduciary documents that Jellinek denied him unlawfully. The lawsuit states that the denial made it difficult to know if more partners had been added or if Lion Aviation’s contribution reflected total use of the plane. Jellinek claimed the lawsuit would be settled out of court, though by Wednesday evening the parties were still discussing terms. “Our side is buying Lion Aviation’s interest,” Jellinek said. “He’s going to get his payment from Roaring Fork Partners – 173,000 bucks. He’s going to get the money. The transaction will be completed by Friday.”The lawsuit was seeking damages of a $100,000 investment in the plane, as well as payment on a $1.8 million loan. Edelstein was not available for comment Wednesday.