Fire damages Puckett home |

Fire damages Puckett home

Aspen, CO ColoradoOLD SNOWMASS A small fire started Friday afternoon during a freak accident, causing damage to the home of former Olympic ski racer Casey Puckett and Kate McBride Puckett.A construction crew was pouring concrete in the basement of the Pucketts’ house at 5459 East Sopris Creek Road when a worker fell while descending an exterior stairwell to the basement, according to Basalt fire chief Scott Thompson.The worker pulled a 100-pound propane tank down the stairs with him. The tank, which was feeding a heater, was anchored outside the house but apparently not well enough. A valve broke off the tank during its tumble and the fuel ignited, Thompson said.The fire spread to about one-quarter of the basement that was sealed from the remainder of the structure. Construction workers used a garden hose and fire extinguishers to douse the flames. Thompson credited them with “keeping it at bay.”The Basalt fire department was called shortly before 1 p.m. and responded with 11 firefighters and two engines. Thompson said the crew had to tear off an interior and exterior wall because the fire had climbed to the attic inside the wall. Firefighters also had to use fans to remove smoke from the home.The worker who slipped suffered a bump on his head but no major injury, Thompson said. The Pucketts weren’t home at the time.The old ranch house, which used to belong to Bubby Light, is about five miles from Highway 82. Thompson estimated the damage to the structure is $40,000.

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