Fines for stupidity |

Fines for stupidity

Dear Editor:

I have noticed a lot lately how stupid the public really is. In this valley from Aspen on down to Glenwood. It’s like nobody has brain cells anymore. I personally feel that it should be the public who get the fines, not the bears. Most smart people know that bears are smart and have a great sense of smell. Anybody can tell when a bear broke into a place. And you can tell when people are just plain stupid. I feel that the public should have to pay the fine for being stupid.

If you leave a door unlocked, a sliding door unlocked or your garage door partly open, or your window cracked or your garbage out, you’re going to attract a bear, and it is not the bear’s fault for humans being an idiot. A bear can open a van’s sliding door without breaking the glass. That goes to show you how smart a bear is. Then a bear can open any door you leave unlocked.

What the lady should do is give her daughter a spare key. The man with the garage door left it half open for his dog to go in and out. You knew the bear was in there, and they tried to make it look like self-defense. Dogs cannot protect you from a bear. Dogs will either have to learn to stay outside in a doghouse or just stay inside until morning.

What would you do if somebody was shooting at you? You would attack. The bears are just as scared of you as you are of the bears. It’s your fault for sneaking up on a bear. I’m sorry you got hurt, but you did something stupid.

The wildlife has educated the public on this. But it goes to show who was really listening. I feel that instead of killing the bears for human mistakes, we should fine the people who let the bears in. They should be responsible for planting the berry bushes and fruit trees up in bear country so the bears would come down in to town. It’s really not the bears’ fault that the humans are building up there in their country. Basically, humans are pushing them out so they have no place to go.

I’ve lived in bear country my whole life. If I do something stupid, I would expect the consequence. I get so mad at the stupid people, blaming the bears and the bears paying for it. I’m tired of the wildlife service letting people off the hook. You know it was their fault. Just because they’re rich doesn’t give them the right to get away with their stupidity. Pretty soon the bears are going to be distinct [sic] just like the balk eagles were. Is that what you really want? Besides, I see people every day doing something that they should be getting a fine for. You’re just asking for the bears to come.

Don’t make me come up there and lecture you about stupid behavior. Don’t make me sit outside your house or condos and watch the public make mistakes. I feel that the Wildlife Division should really start fining people. Don’t be afraid. They make the mistake, they can afford to pay it.

Brendel Maigatter

Glenwood Springs

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