Fine the HOV hogs |

Fine the HOV hogs

Dear Editor:

For the first time since I moved here, my bus was on time … unfortunately, I wasn’t. So I had no choice but to drive into town.

During the 25 minutes that it took to inch my way from the airport to the roundabout, I watched the drivers in the HOV lane whiz by and noted that the possibility of a $66 ticket isn’t much of a deterrent. There were by far, many more single-occupancy cars than high-occupancy.

Enforcing the rules once in a great while isn’t much of a threat. I also noted that when these inconsiderate jerks finally decide they’ve pushed their luck and attempt to merge into the bumper-to-bumper single-occupancy lane, they completely stop all the legitimate HOV traffic behind them. If the HOV lane was truly HOV, the drive into town on a bus or in a carpool would be delightfully quick and easy as it was designed to be. In order to force people out of their cars, the commute for single-occupancy cars must be an ungodly misery. Right now it’s just miserable obeying the HOV rule and watching dozens upon dozens of illegitimate cars fly by.

If you truly want to make the HOV lane work, enforce it consistently! Until another solution is feasible, the only way to decrease cars and keep road rage at bay is to clamp down hard on the violators.

Gail Mason


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