Finding the right mix |

Finding the right mix

Dear Editor:

The Aspen City Council is correctly concerned about the mix of retail in Aspen. Nonluxury level, locally-owned businesses can compete and thrive in this very competitive retail environment, if they have a good business plan and enough customers to support the level of volume needed to cover their high cost structure.

One major component of those costs are property taxes, which building owners pass through to tenants. By state law, commercial properties shoulder an unusually high portion of taxes compared to residences. In Aspen, the rate has been effectively triple that of residences.

If City Council is truly serious in its intent to encourage locally owned and locally serving businesses, it and other local taxing entities that are de-Bruced will seriously consider the disproportionate, negative effect on local businesses of keeping this year’s tax windfall.

David Fleisher

Pitkin County Dry Goods

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