Finding the balance |

Finding the balance

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Look at your watch right now, if it reads an hour later than you thought, do you think it’s OK?

Maybe, but it could turn your day upside down. Your stress level goes up, you become disoriented and you may be thinking you must go to bed an hour earlier, so as to get up earlier the next day.

Any time you move an element in a numbered sequence, it directly affects the element before it and after it – if you take a chain and move one link, you can see the effect, and there’s a domino reaction.

Another example is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, compared to a two-wheel-drive without Positrack. People think they have twice the traction. That is true only if both cars are on dry pavement.

If they are in mud or snow, it is 16 times more, because all the wheels are helping each other and they are all turning with traction.

Getting back to daylight-saving time, a similar condition exists. Summer already has many more daylight hours than winter. To add an hour would be like putting a fifth wheel on a four-wheel-drive car which is working in perfect balance, just the way it is. It is just way out of place.

The remedy, learn to center your life around activities and projects rather than the clock, bring them together and let them run smooth.

Steve Crawford

Glenwood Springs

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