Finding help for the ‘losers’ |

Finding help for the ‘losers’

Dear Editor:It’s winter again, and a bunch of us “losers” have begun to ride the bus again. We’re a little rusty and cannot seem to hold onto our belongings.Last week I left my bag under the seat. It had my lunch, a hat and my favorite gloves. As soon as I transferred at the Intercept lot, I realized my loss. I called RFTA dispatch and asked if the driver would please locate my belongings, hold onto them and that I’d have a friend meet the bus at Ruby Park. Voila! Thanks to the kind folks at RFTA, I recovered my gear.And that’s not all, last night on our way home I overheard a woman calling RFTA for the same reason. In the course of the next few minutes a call comes over the radio stating that her belongings were located and were set aside with her name on it! In the midst of running a huge operation, RFTA dispatch finds time to help us “losers” to recover our belongings.THANK YOU!Nancy HeardBasalt

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