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Find a more meaningful way

Dear Editor:This is sort of a commentary on Sue Gray’s letter published on July 13. I think, Ms. Gray, you will find that 99.9 percent of the people that read this paper would rather do any one of a number of things (including enjoying Aspen) than trade diatribes with you. The people that really care about the situation over there find more fruitful ways to foster understanding and find solutions than to write letters to the editor, which satisfies our own egos but accomplishes little else.It obviously makes you feel good to see your name in print but it doesn’t stop one Palestinian home from being bulldozed and it certainly has not stopped your favorite children of God from blowing up more Israelis. The Aspen Times is probably not the newspaper of choice of Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade, Hamas, the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine, or Palestine Islamic Jihad. Perhaps if you wrote to those organizations and suggest they stop blowing up people, your writing would have a greater impact on peace in the Middle East.The State Department report on human rights that you refer to rightfully points out many abuses by the Israelis. However, you evidently were not concerned with that part of the report which listed the number of Israeli civilians killed by Palestinian terrorists, the ongoing rocket attacks on Israeli villages by terrorist groups, nor the fact that the security barrier you allude to has reduced Israeli deaths by 45 percent.I agree with you that everyone there should have the right to live in peace and dignity; hardly anyone quarrels with that. The quarrel seems to arise from the obvious fact that you only enumerate what the Israelis have done to obstruct that goal and never mention a word about what the Palestinians have done. Lets all look for a more meaningful way to achieve that peace than by writing these letters back and forth.Buster FeldmanAspen

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