Finally, the truth |

Finally, the truth

Dear Editor:

Last week Ehud Olmert, the prime minister of Israel, said in an interview in an Israeli newspaper that if Israel wants peace it must give up most, if not all, of the Palestinian West Bank territory that it captured in the 1967 war and has militarily occupied ever since. Now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for the last seven years.

Olmert criticized traditional Israeli defense strategists, saying that, “With them, it is all about tanks and land and controlling territories and controlled territories and this hilltop and that hilltop.

“All these things are worthless,” he said.

Of particular interest is Olmert’s statement, “Who thinks seriously that if we sit on another hilltop, on another hundred meters, that this is what will make the difference for the state of Israel’s basic security?” My opponents have stubbornly insisted that ending the occupation would be a threat to Israel’s security. But according to Israel’s own top leader, maintaining the occupation of Palestinian land is not essential to Israel’s security, and in fact is a threat to peace.

So what do my opponents have to say now?

When I called for an end to the occupation, they said I hate Israel, that I’m anti-Semitic, naïve, and a friend to terrorists. Will they now level those charges against Israel’s prime minister? Or will they finally concede that I’ve been right all along; that the occupation is the main threat to Israel’s security and peace?

Will they, like Ehud Olmert, publicly admit that, “For a large portion of these years, I was unwilling to look at reality in all its depth.” Or will they continue to submit the racist view that the Palestinians alone are to blame for the failure of peace negotiations?

Now that the truth is finally out in the open and the arguments of Buster Feldman, Judy Kava, Jerome Marks, David Kudish and Doug Weiser have fallen apart, will they continue attacking my character and position, or will they issue a long overdue apology?

This is an opportunity for all of us to see what my opponents are really made of. I eagerly await their response.

Sue Gray


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