Finally, an interesting election in trying times |

Finally, an interesting election in trying times

Dear Editor:

I am suddenly surprised to feel somewhat inspired by the elections, because I don’t think I’m very political, at least not in the party kind of way.

I like to have some fun just like anybody else, but politics are mostly a product of people’s egos, and I get really bored with that kind of thing. You see, once people start supporting other people’s illusions of grandeur and importance, then, at the same time, people get unhappy with their lives because arrogance breeds discontent. Now, I don’t know for a fact that that is endorsed by an expert, but I doubt it would be too hard to prove the obvious elusive by anyone who took on the task.

I think the upcoming election is finally getting interesting! The Alaskan governor just got my attention, and it seems almost like a scripted reality show. Who gets movie rights to this kind of thing, a national product? There’s got to be an opportunity there, a lucrative deal, like American pride. The newspaper and television coverage of the Democratic National Convention was entertaining, with all the TV commercials amusingly desperate. And, let’s not forget the Olympics’ serendipitous timing, all very American. Anyway, I have my “mamas for Obama” bumper sticker on my car, but hey, this gal’s got game!

Talk about inspired. Have you read her resume?

Beauty queen, married and still married to her high school sweetheart, five children, avid sportswoman and hard-core outdoorswoman, mayor, governor … and the first Republican woman vice-presidential candidate, ever. She’s a man’s dream and a woman’s hero.

It’s inspirational to fathom the possibility of a woman leading the free world, especially compared to our presidential, homogenous history and the state of the world on the brink of destruction. I’m thinking, not about whom to cast my ballot for, but hey, it just couldn’t be much worse, nationally and internationally. The world is in crises. Why would anyone actually want to take it on?

I’m also thinking, isn’t it a lot more fun when people get smart and life takes on a warmer, more interesting, alluring and engaging light?!

Molly Brooks

Woody Creek

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