Fighting pollution together |

Fighting pollution together

Dear Editor:I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the parents and kids who rode their bikes to school, walked, or took the bus during the first week, instead of driving a car. Besides getting to spend quality time with their kids, this made our air cleaner and healthier for us all to breathe, and helped the community address global warming. We know that children who live near busy roads have higher cancer rates, and it is wonderful to see so many families and children doing their part to prevent that! The number of bicycle riders each day must have broken all records!Thank you also to everyone who took the bus to the first football game, and to everyone who carpooled – that seems to have been almost everyone at the game! It gives me confidence that Aspen can really continue to lead the way in addressing our environmental challenges from air pollution to global warming to storm water pollution and all of our future challenges.Thank you!Lee E. CassinAspen Environmental Health Director

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