Fighting for soul |

Fighting for soul

Dear Editor:It is easy to build housing for bank presidents, lawyers and people that make a living wage. I saw an ad that Tim Semrau had in the paper today heralding that fact that he has built so much affordable housing. Take into account that the house in the North 40 at $1.3 million is classified as “affordable housing.” It is much simpler to build “affordable housing” when you build RO housing (no limit on income), as Tim has in most of his projects.He also pushed the ability, when he was on City Council, for the developer to pick and choose who he sells to. The real test is how you build to house teachers, policemen, daycare workers, seniors and all the others in this town who have been forced out by the market. If the market was so good at control, we would not have $4 a gallon gas. Tim is preaching the same voodoo economics that Washington currently believes in, and how does that seem to be working?Talk to the teachers you know and the kids in the high school – most of them do not believe that they will ever be able to purchase a home in this town, and many do not see themselves here in the future. This town needs Mick. He has never been pushed to back down on something he believes in to accommodate threats.Lee Bycel told the graduating class this past weekend to “keep being troublemakers” for what is right and for the dispossessed. The Aspen theme of mind, body and spirit does not mention money. In case you have not noticed, the old timers in town are the ones driving the old cars and beater bikes because they never felt the need to impress anyone with their money. They believe that everyone is important in their own way, and we need to fight for the soul of this town. Mick believes that and has never tried to impress anyone.Vote Mick Ireland for the future of this town and future generations that are to come.Marcia L. GoshornAspen

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