Fight the mosquitoes |

Fight the mosquitoes

Dear Editor:

I cannot understand why there’s any question about whether mosquito control should be permitted to be carried out, especially given the natural bacteria that is used and which is environmentally safe, and especially given the ongoing danger of the various diseases such as West Nile virus, etc., that mosquitoes can carry.

I have lived here for 49 years, mostly in the east end of town, and I remember horrendous times when the mosquitoes were not controlled. I particularly remember one summer when I was pregnant. I would spray mosquito repellent all over – but then they would target my eyes! A very frightening experience as I made a mad dash for the car and safety. In those days, we couldn’t have windows open at night – somehow they would find ways to get through any screens. I even remember audiences in the Music Tent being very bothered by mosquitoes that had found their way there – do we really want that as a tourist image?

Please continue the East Aspen mosquito control program so that we can continue to enjoy life in peace without being eaten alive by those pesky creatures.

Catherine Garland


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