Fight for what’s right |

Fight for what’s right

Dear Editor:The principle of checks and balances created by our forefathers between our executive, legislative and judicial branches is foundational to our democracy, embedding principles of moderation into our constitutional system. Remembering from your civics classes, there are reasons why representatives’ terms are two years, the presidential term is four years, senators have six years, and judges are lifetime appointments. Many of us are concerned about an extreme “conservative” agenda that long ago moved from a moderate stance that protected our freedoms, rights and less fortunate among us. Since November there is resignation and complacency that there is little we can do to be proactive and work toward changes we believe in. That is incorrect. Bush has packed the judicial branch with cohorts in his agenda, which for many of us has been frightening enough in the past and dreaded for the future. The appointment of Gonzales spoke to this sickening agenda. He is now re-nominating for judicial appointment 20 choices shocking for their backgrounds and personal agendas, including a lifetime lobbyist, a torture memo designer and one who supports racism. Research them – now. Do not silently stand by – these appointments will make a stunning and appalling difference in our world and our democracy. Call your senators and representatives. Call today, write, fax – demand that moderate, qualified people without history of harmful personal agenda are nominated and current names are taken off the list of judicial possibilities immediately. Stand up now – today, and keep standing for what is right.Cheryl CainGlenwood Springs

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