Fifty reasons to oppose fluoridation |

Fifty reasons to oppose fluoridation

Dear Editor:

I am not going to list all 50 reasons. You can go online and read it yourself by typing those words into a search. Due to lack of interest by city council (except Torre) or concern coupled with possibly misguided and outdated dental and medical profession support of this practice, nothing has been done by city government to end this practice. Not to suppose that I, a non-medical professional, know more than the respected professionals who support this process, but in the last 50 years since this was first proposed, new information has surfaced and even many dentists and dental technicians support the end of fluoridation of our drinking water.

Just to give you a tidbit of the 5: 1. Fluoride is a non-essential nutrient and no disease is linked to fluoride deficiency; 2. In Western European countries where fluoridation has been banned for decades, show no increased signs of decay (abbreviated quotes).

But such things are now being linked to fluoridation such as increased uptake of lead in children’s blood, bone cancer, infertility, bone and joint pain and disease, skin rashes, thyroid issues and the list goes on very extensively. Recent research even indicates a possible link to Alzheimer’s. Some is speculation, some proven fact. In any case, there is really no reason to continue this practice because you can take fluoride supplements, you can get fluoride treatments at the doctor and it is in most toothpastes and one of the reasons you should never swallow your toothpaste. And toothpaste fluoride is at least pharmaceutical grade. These are your personal choices and not forced on you by a governmental decision.

So, I’m asking our city council (except Torre) to wake up and end this practice and save $10,000-plus a year on a non-pharmaceutical waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry, from China. China would have trouble disposing of this poisonous byproduct, yet some people 50 years ago have sold us a bill of goods and we are still dumping it in our water. Please, let’s reduce the risk of innumerable side effects and enjoy the great water we have. I am also asking our news media to follow up on this and maybe educate themselves and the rest of us about this issue so the right decision can be made.

And lastly, I and some of my resources may not be 100 percent accurate on all this, but even if only somewhat accurate, it’s not worth the risks. You can go online to the “Fluoride Action Network” for all this info and much more.

Oh, I believe Basalt is fluoridation free.

Brad Onsgard


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