Fifi’s owner says ‘thanks’ |

Fifi’s owner says ‘thanks’

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me through the untimely death of little Fifi, my constant companion.

I appreciate the above-the-call-of-duty help from firefighter Jack Simmons, who raced over, scooped Fifi up, and rushed us to Aspen Animal Hospital; to policeman Charlie Martin whose efficient and empathetic work made dealing with the tragedy bearable; and to Assistant City Attorney David Hoefer, who handled the case with grace and compassion.

I will always be grateful to my son-in-law, Steve Tullar, who took me to the animal hospital, the emergency room, municipal court and who, along with John Katzenberger, prepared Fifi’s resting place.

Thank you, too, to my family and friends who supported me for the past few days and to everyone who has offered their condolences and those of you I know are hurting for little Fifi. I have even had a generous offer for a new apricot toy poodle puppy next spring!



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