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‘Fess up, Pete

Why is Pete Luhn picking on me? I guess you’ll have to count me amongst them that don’t quite understand his brand of big city humor.

All this came about because I challenged him to a ski race, all in good fun? If he doesn’t want to race, he just has to say, “No thanks.”

I didn’t want a personal history of his skiing career that apparently spanned some 49 odd years. That doesn’t make him special. Lot’s of people take up skiing after the age of 50.

As for Mr. Luhn’s blessing that it’s fine to write fiction under a pen name unless the guise is donned to write commentary – what’s up with that? He used Mark Twain as an example. Why, I reckon that Mark Twain’s writings are plum full of social commentary. I think Pudd’n Head Luhn should get someone to read him Huckleberry Finn again, this time very slowly.

And, Turner Hicks and Lee Anne Marlets? They sound like names off of Pete’s Johnnie-come-lately party list. I believe that the last time he wrangled with those two he was nearly banned from the pages of our local papers for good.

I don’t want any part of that, so I’ll leave this subject well enough alone. Someday I may have something important to say and I want to keep this avenue open.

So, all in all, it looks like Pete’s pen glides about as slowly as he says his skis do. He claims he can no longer hold an edge on the slopes but he sure can hold a grudge.

Time for you to do some fessin’ up Pete. Are you Todd Coghi?

Roger Marolt

Snowmass Village

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