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Ferret fiasco

Dear Editor:I think a few people may be interested to know the fate of the little white animal who was crossing Main Street at 4 p.m. (rush hour) last Friday, June 22. The animal turned out to be a domestic ferret.Thank you to everyone who slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting him.Good news!My daughter captured him by throwing her hoodie over him to avoid bites because he wouldn’t come closer than 4 feet to her. He was so sweet, he crawled into the sleeve, trembled violently for a few minutes, than nestled into my arms. We took him to the Aspen Police Department, and he was taken to the animal shelter.We called about him on Saturday and were delighted to find out that his owners claimed him Friday evening.I love living in such an animal-friendly community. Please spay and neuter your pets. Consider adopting a pet from the animal shelter. Don’t support puppy mills.Sherry YoungCarbondale

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