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Feeling disenfranchised

Dear Editor:

In recent issues, we are informed that there will be a vote in the fall on options for the Entrance to Aspen. As a resident of Old Snowmass, I don’t expect to be able to vote on that issue. And that is where I get confused. Why are the Entrance to Aspen questions only for city residents to decide? City residents don’t have to endure the insult of creeping traffic that is the Entrance to Aspen; they already live there. It is the residents of the county, and neighboring counties, who must or wish to commute to Aspen and who get to sit in a traffic problem that the city consistently, over a LONG period of time, fails to address.

Moreover, Highway 82 is a state highway, not a city highway. So why is it that only city residents, who don’t want to change the city, get to vote? The people most affected by the Entrance to Aspen might or might not have any different ideas on how to solve the problem, but they certainly care about getting it solved ” and yet they can’t help decide. I would like to understand why.

Chelsea Congdon Brundige



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