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Feeling completely safe

Dear Editor:

I was just in Mexico on the service learning trip with Peter Westcott’s class. While I was in Mexico, I felt completely safe, even in Juarez. Unlike the local parent who states, “I would feel safer in front of the fire in Carbondale than on the streets of Juarez,” well, to me it was just a great experience, the tourist market was very safe, and we weren’t just milling around in the streets.

Also while in Ignacio Zaragoza, I was staying with a family, which was a very interesting experience. In addition, they were very kind and caring. They even got up early to make breakfast for us and a five-person family slept in one bedroom. So I felt very safe, even with my family.

While in Mexico, we also helped many schools, then had a great time with the kids afterward. Just being near the kids taught us a little bit of culture. Even driving around was so easy there was nothing dangerous in sight.

Matthew Sovich

Woody Creek

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