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Feeding on the heat of hate

A strange letter from Robert E. Nordlander appeared in the Aspen Daily News on Sept. 12. I thought it had a twisted anti-Semitic tone, and since it came from Menosha, Wisc., (rather than from around here), I wondered if the author was, well, kosher.

An Internet search revealed pages of references to inveterate letter writer Robert E. Nordlander, atheist, libertarian once Democratic candidate, public speaker and proud promoter of hideous conspiracy theories, etc.

A real private investigator could dig up more, of course, but get a load of this quote from one of Bob?s letters in which he furthers a theory that Dr. Mengle is alive in Israel: “… the news item informed us that Israel is working on a biological weapon that is supposed to be able to kill people with ‘Arab genes’ and spare people with ‘Jewish genes.'”

There?s even a tome in which he viciously sneers at NPR?s “Trend of the Year.” The trend was “compassion.”

Lately, letters from out of state have appeared here that cunningly rationalize half-truths and outright misinformation about the Mideast/Israel situation. If these aren?t deliberate, methodical broadcasts from organized groups, they?re the spew of deeply misguided souls who feed on the heat of hate.

They don?t mean well. Please read with caution, hate?s like a virus.

Dan Sadowsky


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