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Feds reveal back-wage agreements for Aspen businesses

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times

Thirty-nine employers in Aspen agreed to pay $504,253.94 in back wages and another $449,010.12 in damages after an “enforcement initiative” conducted last year by the U.S. Department of Labor, the agency said Tuesday.

The total of $953,264.06 was paid to 1,038 current and former employees of the businesses, the agency said.

The amounts were determined after federal auditors went over the businesses’ payment records. The investigation was designed to “strengthen compliance in Aspen’s hospitality industry,” the Labor Department said in a statement. The audit found violations of minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the statement said.

There were no fines associated with the enforcement action.

“Every single dollar goes to the employees.”
U.S. Department of Labor spokesman

“None of the money goes to the government,” said Juan Rodriguez, deputy regional director of the Office of Public Affairs in Dallas. “Every single dollar goes to the employees.”

Only one of the 39 businesses that agreed to pay the back wages wasn’t assessed liquidated damages, as well. Il Mulino, which no longer operates in Aspen, agreed to pay $55,243.82 in back wages for 92 violations. In all other cases, damages were assessed at the same level as back wages.

Following is the list of companies that agreed to pay back wages and damages, the total dollar amount assessed and the number of violations where an employee was allegedly underpaid.

Pacifica Restaurant and Oyster Bar, $172,387.70 for 45 violations.

Jimmy’s, An All-American Restaurant and Bar, $105,311 for 35 violations.

Hickory House Ribs, $81,593.70 for 22 violations.

The Little Nell Hotel, $54,145.34 for 181 violations.

Matsuhisa, $33,891.26 for 52 violations.

L’hostaria, $32,908.44 for 26 violations.

Casa Tua, $32,315.52 for 56 violations.

Ute City, $31,575.46 for 21 violations.

Zane’s Tavern Aspen, $29,096.70 for seven violations.

Boogie’s Diner of Aspen, $28,636.98 for 33 violations.

La Palapa, $27,020.44 for 13 violations.

Ellina, $26,144.56 for 17 violations.

Elevation, $24,036.40 for 12 violations.

Snowmass Club, $22,278.36 for 44 violations.

Creperie du Village, $20,979.92 for 10 violations.

Aspen Skiing Co., $19,818.30 for 20 violations.

Zane’s Tavern Snowmass, $18,721.04 for 12 violations.

Fitzgerald Landscaping, $16,559.68 for 12 violations.

Groundskeepers of Aspen Inc., $13,911.84 for 25 violations.

Syzygy, $13,555.40 for 10 violations.

Little Ollie’s Restaurant, $12,988.20 for seven violations.

Limelight Hotel, $12,554.76 for 55 violations.

Asie, $12,505.72 for 21 violations.

Early Learning Center, $9,979.68 for 21 violations.

Mezzaluna, $8,093.28 for 15 violations.

Takah Sushi, $7,865.24 for 31 violations.

Boogie’s Diner Aspen (second case) $7,180.24 for 14 violations.

The Cantina, $6,778.68 for 28 violations.

Hotel Jerome, $5,224.40 for 58 violations.

Rustique Bistro, $3,459.76 for 13 violations.

Pinons Restaurant, $2,472 for 11 violations.

Jour de Fete, $1,979.76 for five violations.

Hotel Lenado, $673.86 for four violations.

Aspen Mountain Tots, $438.16 for one violation.

39 Degrees, $421.80 for six violations.

Little Annie’s Eating House, $265.62 for one violation.

Gisella, $163.78 for one violation.

Lone Star Security and Safety Service, $87.48 for one violation.



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