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Fear not

Dear Editor:Frankly, I don’t see why our government officials bellyache about having to play by the rules. Rules are instituted for a reason: they protect.Businesses are accustomed with the costs associated with making money (they just pass that along to the customer and pocket the profit). Our government officials are just going to have to realize that the right of a citizen to privacy is just another price they have to pay to keep a free society.Let’s face facts: We can’t have it both ways. The universe isn’t set up that way. Oops! Sorry! I mean, what are you going to do? Fault God on His programming skills? Look at Nature. Could you do any better? I, for one, know I couldn’t! Do you really want to live the kind of life our less-free cousins live under?I’m not about to listen to someone try and coax me into giving up my rights by using fear to goad me into acting otherwise. I can see where that road leads, and believe me, I don’t want to go down it! America is really the only bastion of true freedom on this earth. Don’t allow fear to cause you to sell out yours!Bob KeenanCarbondale


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