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Fear mongers and oily gods

Dear Editor:Laura Donohue is right that censoring science cannot keep us safe. No technology can keep us save from our own ignorance. Especially when it requires us to become more ignorant. Science is not dangerous in and of itself. What is dangerous is when fear mongers are without proper detachment from the terrors they insist are present (fearing one terror stricken possibility over all others), because the fearful cannot discern any proper perspective of causes and effects.Fear compresses all the lessons of the past into one single projection placed in the face of reality. Fear is terrified of its own complicity and therefore seeks to stop exactly what it cannot help but itself do. One example is the Israelis building a wall around themselves, rather than address their own continuous crimes against humanity. Fear’s solution always causes the problem it seeks to extinguish, so the wall becomes their prison; their ghetto as well. Depend on billions in foreign aid and a constant state of war. This is because the terrorized cannot put the past behind them enough to learn from it. The inability to face an any less terrifying present forbids it.We are presently under a renewed nuclear arms race simply because Reagan’s terror of the communist (he fingered, as a blacklist informant) got projected upon the 1990s, causing us to renege on the nonproliferation treaty. Making it necessary for any self-determined nation to seek to arm itself with the same weapons, the fear mongers will eventually use against them, when their delusions decide to consider you a threat to the peace and tranquility of their fears.Actually, all our present conflicts are a backlash to policy set in concrete by unfounded fears. And people seem mystified that WMDs were figments of the administration’s terror bitten imagination. If we would have stood down the military-industrial complex during Ike’s administration the Soviet enterprise would not have lasted as long as it did. Warfare gave it a sustainability the system never possessed.The danger is never information, rather the lack of it. When it is missing from the discourse necessary to a scientific age. When it is hamstrung by those who fear some past (they cannot face) coming to a future near you. Simply because fear alone forbids discernment of the reality of the present world around us. Leaving us to inflict the very same struggles, our agrarian country suffered through, upon the still developing world. Ignorance placed upon the heads of our neighbors, so we fearfully can believe we are thus safe from bombs dislodging both of us from any sound future.The fear merchants are the most terrified of all for they fear they shall even lose the god they have made out of mammon. And they have no qualms killing your sons and daughters only to keep a grasp on this god’s oily robe.Eric OlanderGlenwood Springs

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