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Fear at the root

Dear Editor:Re: Eric Olander, “Fear mongers and oily gods.” letter of July 28.Letter-writer Eric Olander is right to point out the immense role that FEAR is playing in the cyclical generation of terrorism today – both the state-sponsored variety, as well as the more free-lance version practiced by al Qaida. But because fear is such an “un-macho” emotion that leaves people with an uneasy sense of powerlessness, everything is done to cover up what are primarily fear-based motivations with jingoistic rationalizations – whether it’s about creating a blood bath in Iraq in order to bring democracy and freedom to the Middle East, or about defending Islam by attacking innocent civilians.One is reminded here of the terrorists of the French Revolution who did not spill all the blood they did because of their core belief in freedom and democracy, rather, they tried to believe in freedom and democracy because FEAR made them spill so much blood.Joel BrenceAspen

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