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FBI charges Carbondale man for pursuing sex with 7-year-old girl in Missouri

Alex Zorn
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Ryan Mausner
Wyandotte County (Kan.) Detention Center

A Carbondale-area man is facing a maximum of life in prison after FBI special agents in Kansas City believe he attempted to solicit sex with a purported 7-year-old girl.

Posing as a single mother of two, an FBI online covert employee engaged in months of online chats and then text messages with Ryan Edward Mausner, 42, who lists a Missouri Heights address in Eagle County, including “numerous sexually suggestive or overtly sexually explicit comments,” according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in western Missouri.

The affidavit, filed May 25 on the day he allegedly flew to Kansas City to meet the family, states that Mausner engaged in the “attempted online enticement of a minor,” going so far as to travel to Missouri for Memorial Day Weekend with the intent of engaging in illegal sexual activity.

He he was arrested by U.S. marshals after he arrived in Kansas City and faces one count in U.S. District Court. Penalty for the Class A felony ranges from a minimum of 10 years to no more than life.

Mausner was advised of the charge Tuesday in a 15-minute hearing. His detention and preliminary hearings originally scheduled for Thursday were moved to June 5, according to court records in the federal case.

According to the affidavit, an FBI online covert employee (OCE) in the Child Exploitation Task Force posed as a single mother living in Kansas City with her son, age 5, and daughter, 7. 

From Jan. 31, the day the conversations started, through May 25, the FBI received several messages that they believe establish “probable cause to believe Mausner has engaged in the attempted online enticement of a minor,” the affidavit states.

On March 19, Mausner sent his phone number to the OCE, and the FBI then filed a subpoena with his phone service provider for all subscriber information for the phone number Mausner used in the chat. They obtained his home and email addresses through that subpoena.

Mausner worked for an Aspen event and wedding planning company, according to online profiles. His social media pages were disabled by Thursday afternoon.

On April 2, the affidavit states, Mausner asked “what sexual activity the 7-year-old had engaged in with others and described what he would like to do to her” and also “provided the OCE with sexual instructions of what he wanted the OCE to do to the 7-year-old.”

According to the affidavit, after a sexually explicit chat conversation May 4 between the FBI special agent and Mausner, who went by the username “Dom_G,” Mausner booked a flight from Denver to Kansas City.

The affidavit states that on May 4: “OCE sent ‘Dom_G’ a picture that purported to be her 7-year-old daughter. This picture focused on the midriff area of OCE’s daughter, accompanied with the message, ‘Took this early this morning … just so you could get a peek of what you were missing …’ ‘Dom_G’ replied, ‘Such a sweet mommy for that! So adorable.’ OCE responds, ‘That’s a big step for me. Will probably be the closest you get until we meet … I really couldn’t help myself today though.’ ‘Dom_G’ replies, ‘I’m literally looking at flights as we speak … What’s your availability memorial weekend.”’ OCE responds, ‘I will be available whenever you tell me,’ and ‘Dom_G’ replies, ‘Good answer sub.’”

The next day he sent a screenshot of his booked flight itinerary, and Mausner boarded a flight to Kansas City on May 25. He was arrested later that night and booked into jail in Wyandotte County, according to detention center records. Wyandotte County is in Kansas side of Kansas City.

He has been assigned a public defender, according to court documents.

The Kansas City Star, which first reported the arrest, said federal prosecutors in Kansas City filed a motion Thursday that Mausner be held without bond.


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