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Fatties in the ‘roy

Allyn Harvey

Looks can be deceiving.

Dust on crust.

Stiff bumps.

Occasional ski-snow interfaces that look like snow, sound like ice and ski somewhere in between.

Great groomers.

Spar Gulch, best run on the mountain.

Layin’ the fatties in the ‘roy.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Such is the state of Aspen Mountain on a Tuesday morning in mid-March.

Good and bad are relative terms, however. For a couple of locals used to perpetual powder, or at least some facsimile of it, the skiing was a bit sketchy yesterday.

But the girl from Spokane who goes to school at NYU remarked on the wide variety, terrain-wise, that makes this a fun place to ski. All in all, she said, the skiing over the last week has been great. So there.

Monday was the day the music died. Fortunately it rose back up from the dead yesterday.

A source tipped On the Hill yesterday that lifties on Aspen Mountain had been ordered to silence their boom boxes after a customer complained about the music.

The source, who has been tuned into the boom box situation ever since On the Hill told the sad story of the F.I.S. lifties living in silence at the beginning of the season, was stunned by how quiet it was at the bottom of the lifts Monday afternoon. He finished that sad, sad day of skiing with the impression that the $9.50-an-hour lift attendants would have to labor the rest of the season without the joy of music.

But yesterday the music was loud and clear at all four lifts checked out by On the Hill’s investigative squad. Lesson: The customer isn’t always right.

With spring break ramping up, there are actually midweek lines at the lifts on Aspen Mountain. Crowded might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s certainly not as uncrowded as we locals have grown used to in recent years.