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Father’s Day not taken for granted

Dear Editor:

We should be so proud of the town we live in. I have chronic kidney stones and I am at the Aspen Valley Hospital emergency room constantly. They have always treated me so well. They are thorough, kind and incredibly competent. I am so thankful for every one of them.

Recently after being in the ER, I woke up feeling a little better. A few hours later my wife and one of my daughters went out and they returned to our house to find me lying motionless on the floor of my bathroom. EMS workers came immediately and saved my life. I am forever in their debt.

My wife and three daughters would be fatherless on this wonderful Father’s Day if not for the EMS people and the wonderful doctors and nurses of the Aspen community.

I want to thank you all for Father’s Day and hopefully many more. You are wonderful!

Lawrence Altman


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