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Fate for Grant’s Cabin predetermined

Dear Editor:Predetermined destiny. This is what I thought after reading the front-page article about Grant’s Cabin (Aspen Times, Aug. 18).Commissioner Michael Owsley feels that the cabin always belonged to Pitkin County. Mr. Owsley needs to understand that the Timroths were sold a legal mining claim (or so they thought).Commissioner Dorthea Farris claims this property “a multimillion-dollar site.” I think anybody can read between the lines on that statement.Commissioner Mick Ireland wants to recover wasted legal fees by the sale of this claim.Add to this mixture that the commissioners as a whole are holding closed-door meetings on this subject. There you go, a predetermined destiny for Grant’s Cabin. Sold to the highest bidder.What can a landowner do about all of this? First, pull out your deed to your land and make sure everything is in order. Believe me, Pitkin County is looking. Second, demand to know how your county commissioner is voting on the fate of Grant’s Cabin. No secret meetings. The public needs to know.Jim Perry (J.P.)Aspen

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